Nurse2Help Mobility Solutions

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Providing Reliable and Safe Non-Emergency Wheelchair transportation services to the mobility impaired and wheelchair-bound clients in the DC Metro area

Transportation Services

Routine Medical Appointments

Hospital Discharge

Hospitals and Medical Centers

Dialysis Centers

Chemotherapy and Radiation Treatment

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy

Nursing Care Facilities

Adult Day Care Facilities


Airport Services

Pre-and Post-surgery visits

Pediatrics and Special needs

Family holiday events

Group Outings

Door to door Service, if requires

Hospital discharges

Doctors appointments

Out-patient post-surgery transportation

Adult day care

To and from rehabilitation facilities

To and from healthcare facilities

Door to door service if required

Additional Support

A Nurse2help can provide additional support upon request

In addition to providing transport, Nurse2Help Mobility Solutions will provide the following additional services to our clients upon request.

Accompany clients during appointments

Provide supervision, support, and assistance with DME (e.g., O2) and those with cognitive impairment

Communicate appointment details with family members and facilities

Schedule follow-up appointments for clients

Ensure discharge paperwork is in order

Confirm home services scheduling to include home health nursing and therapy, companion, and DME delivery

Deliver and unpack client belongings

Fill prescriptions

Assist clients to settle into their new facility

Gather facility schedule and general information for client and family members

Ensure delivery of medical equipment (e.g., CPAP, Wound vac, etc.)

Communicate with facility staff regarding meal preferences/dietary restrictions

Provide support for adjustment into new environment

Inform family members of client arrival at new facility

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